PPC Advertising

Who's the client?

Established in 1989, UKPOS is a family owned business and a leading manufacturer and supplier of visual display products. Working in a variety of plastics, wood and metal, they currently design and supply over 25 million individual products.

Their targets & objectives

UKPOS found their existing agency to not be providing enough proactive suggestions and as a consequence, PPC results had a large scope for improvement.

Targets for our work were focused on Return on ad spend and on revenue generated by paid traffic.

What we did

We set about assessing the Shopping feed and found various opportunities to improve the custom label structure to benefit product filtering. We also implemented a business data feed in order to dynamically pull pricing through in the ads and avoid having to replace ad copy when prices changed on the site.   We identified that many campaigns required being split more granularly to help make the structure more logical and comprehensible, as well as in order to make more granular bid, device & ad schedule adjustments.   Our results were have been very positive with increases in Conversion Rate, Ad Spend and also Revenue. Revenue from paid traffic not only increased, but increasing consistently each month by at least 20%.