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Are you looking to set up your first ecommerce store or upgrade an existing website? You have certainly come to the right place!

Fluid Digital specialise in the design and development of Magento ecommerce websites for businesses from all sectors.

A great ecommerce website must be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional in order to covert visitors into customers. Our talented team of Certified Magento Developers are on-hand to help clients design, develop and build ecommerce websites that deliver an exceptional user experience and give them a competitive edge. Need proof? Head on over to our projects page for examples of our ecommerce design work.

Building ecommerce sites using Magento

We often get asked why we favour Magento above all other ecommerce platforms and the answer is simple; it is the best ecommerce platform on the planet. The fact that some of the biggest companies across the globe use Magento should provide you with enough evidence that it is the best choice for your company. Magento boasts a number of benefits including:

User-friendly interface | Flexible and scalable | Enhanced functionality | Thousands of free plugins (modules) | Well supported PHP structure | Great analytics and reporting | SEO benefits (URL re-writes, automatic XML Sitemaps, custom Meta data) | Mobile friendly

One of Magento’s biggest advantages over other ecommerce platforms is the fact it is so flexible and scalable. This means that companies can customise it to meet their needs and requirements and also expand their website as their business grows. Magento also offers a number of different packages, ensuring that all businesses can find an ecommerce solution within their budget.

Magento Certified Developers

Magento Certified Developer

Our fantastic team of digital experts is made up of a number of Magento Certified Developers, who specialise in designing and developing ecommerce solutions using Magento. Fluid Digital’s ecommerce specialists have the skills, experience and knowledge to build highly functional Magento websites that allow businesses both big and small to sell their products online. They also have vast experience in migrating existing ecommerce websites to Magento and performing upgrades. Whatever your ecommerce needs; our team of ecommerce experts is here to ensure they are met.

Fluid Digital is also able to create bespoke m-commerce websites using Magento. Mobile ecommerce websites allow companies to reach a wider base of customers and maximise their potential profits.

Need a custom Magento module to enhance the functionality of your website? Simply get in touch with one of our expert developers to discuss your requirements.

Who do we work with?

Here at Fluid Digital we understand that no two businesses are the same and therefore think it is important to provide bespoke ecommerce solutions to our clients. Our skills and experience allow us to design and create a multitude of different ecommerce solutions, tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each individual business. It does not matter whether you are an individual, small start-up company or large international retailer; our ecommerce designers will ensure you receive a first class service.

Whatever you are planning on selling online, we will design and develop an online store that shows off your products in the best possible light and encourages customers to click on that ‘Buy Now’ button. With our expertise and guidance, you can run a successful ecommerce business that thrives in the online world.

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