Back Pain Help

This lightning fast Magento 2 site delivers a stunning user interface and optimised user journey. Rich, relevant and engaging content, empowering their customers with value on all aspects of back pain and posture.

With direct leads to products now coming from most online shopping search engines and analytical research telling us that over 80% of visitors were only purchasing one product on the previous site. Fluid therefore considered the product landing as the priority user journey towards purchase.

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Back Pain Help
Who's the client?

Back Pain Help provide effective back care products, designed and crafted in collaboration with the UK’s leading Spinal experts.

Their objectives & targets

This is an exciting time, as progressive movement on the international market meant that Fluid had a clear deadline to achieve. Regular and iterative collaboration with the client ensured that we were able to make decisions and ultimately make a bigger impact on the site’s performance, more quickly.

What we did

The user journey was considered from product landing, making it extremely easy for users to purchase at any point during their time onsite, delivering a faster performance, innovative and mobile-friendly shopping experience for their customers.

The most notable improvement is in the conversion rate which rose by 30% from 2.17% to 2.81%. This was accompanied by a significant drop in the basket abandonment rate which fell from 49% to 24%, indicating an overall much smoother customer journey from entrance to checkout.

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A story was there to be told about each and every product, rich media and compelling lifestyle visuals support product detail throughout, more visitors are now choosing to engage and interact.

The site was has not only met its functional requirements, but has immediately seen an increase in conversion rate, faster page load times, reduced bounce rate and an increased average session duration.

Thanks to their thorough discovery, Fluid have put us in a great position at the best possible time. We’ve seen a significant boost in site performance, not just within UK but also for our US site Paul Gardner Head of E-commerce - Backpain Help UK
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