Only Home

An online retailer of contemporary and modern furnishings and accessories.

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  • Microsoft Advertising
Only Home
Who's the client?

Only Home is an online retailer of contemporary and modern furnishings and accessories. The retailer sells both indoor and garden furniture, including chairs, barstools, dining tables, side tables, kitchen cabinets and other home accessories and soft furnishings.

Their objectives & targets

Only Home has seen continued growth over the past few years and needed to support this with a more strategic and targeted digital advertising strategy that enabled them to acquire new customers and increase their market share.

Their objective was to continue to increase year-on-year growth whilst maintaining a ROAS of 400% - 500%. They approached us to overhaul their existing Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising campaigns in order to achieve these targets.

What we did

The retailer’s existing paid search structure was underdeveloped and didn’t have the scalability they needed to grow. The campaigns were wasting ad spend on non-converting search queries and the account setup didn’t allow for much control to optimise these. As a result, we overhauled the structure so that the campaigns were granular and flexible, and allowed for more control over ad spend and budget.

We optimised the content by utilising custom labels and segmenting products based on specific search queries such as styles, colours, materials etc. Alongside this optimisation, we refined the structure of the Google Shopping campaigns to focus on the way their customers searched for their products.

We also improved the overall search visibility by creating a range of search campaigns based on brands, product types and product styles.

  • 31% increase in revenue from paid search
  • 44% increase in sales from paid search
  • 272% increase in traffic from Microsoft Advertising

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