Migrating two stores into one powerful Magento 2 solution for this leading UK schoolwear retailer

  • Magento 2 Commerce
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration
  • Magento 2 Support
  • UX / UI Design
Who's the client?

Trutex is one of the leading schoolwear retailers in the UK and has been supplying uniforms to the public since 1865. The retailer specialises in school uniforms for a large number of primary and secondary schools and supplies to schools, trade and direct to the public through their stores.

Their objectives & targets

The retailer previously sold online across two separate Magento 1 sites for their school-specific uniforms and their non-branded generic school clothing. The team acknowledged the need to migrate these stores over to a secure and easy-to-use Magento 2 solution in order to streamline the management of these separate stores into one cohesive and easy to maintain site.

This was also an opportunity to refresh and redesign the site to meet the new Trutex brand guidelines, alongside creating a site that was mobile-first and improved the mobile shopping experience for their customers.

What we did

We designed and built a new site for the retailer that migrated two existing Magento 1 sites over to one seamless Magento 2 solution. For the first time, Trutex could sell both its school-specific uniforms and non-branded generic school clothing online in one place.

We refreshed the site with Trutex’s new brand guidelines, allowing for a cleaner and more engaging site. This included bold and clear call-to-actions, an easy-to-use navigation and a simple checkout process.

This was most important on mobile, a huge opportunity for the retailer. It was crucial that the mobile site offered an excellent online experience and we made sure we achieved this with the new design and build.

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We managed to work with the Trutex team to launch their new site for their peak trading period ahead of the new school year. This was vital in maximising sales and for minimal disruption to their business during a busy time for the team.

Since launch, we have seen a significant 85% increase in mobile conversion rate and a steady increase in sales and growth for the retailer.

We’re excited to continue to support Trutex on their ecommerce growth journey with ongoing support and updates, and helping them achieve ecommerce success.


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