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Amazon is a global eCommerce marketplace that provides a platform for you to sell your products to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. In the UK it’s growing rapidly and showing no signs of slowing, with more and more money being spent by consumers through Amazon YoY. It should be an invaluable, if not essential, part of the digital strategy for any eCommerce business.


Marketing on Amazon is made up of two main efforts. Firstly the optimisation of your listings to make them easier for shoppers to find and more attractive to buy. Secondly, the use of Amazon Advertising, their paid advertising platform, to drive traffic to your product detail pages and build awareness of your brand.


Amazon Advertising is the paid advertising platform available to all Sellers and Vendors who sell on Amazon. There are several different ad formats, some running on a pay-per-click model, others on a pay-per-mille (1000 impressions) model. These allow you to advertise your catalogue based on keywords, audiences and interests in order to drive traffic to, and awareness of your products. As a comparatively new paid advertising platform, early adopters can reap the benefits of lower levels of competition to drive sales and win market share from their competitors.

What Amazon Advertising services can you provide?

Amazon Advertising Audits

Our Pro Seller Account Audit is geared towards ensuring you have all the information at your fingertips to capitalise on all of the opportunities Amazon affords, including:

  • Diagnosis of any detail page content issues and recommended fixes
  • Diagnosis of factors affecting buy box win rate and recommended fixes
  • Top keyword ranking report
  • Audit of any existing Amazon Advertising campaigns
  • Recommended Amazon Advertising campaign strategy
  • Comprehensive report (PDF format) detailing all of the above, to use as you wish with no obligations
Amazon Advertising Account Management

As an Amazon advertising specialist, we can offer very high detail services to ensure maximum success of your inventory on Amazon, both organic and paid:

  • Feed requirement diagnosis
  • Feed generation and management (dependent on website and tools available)
  • Account set up and walkthrough
  • Discovery session to formulate strategy in collaboration with you
  • Creation and ongoing management of Amazon Advertising campaigns
  • Tailored reporting on both organic performance and paid campaign performance
  • Detail page content optimisation recommendations
  • Ongoing diagnosis of factors affecting buy box win rate and recommended fixes
52% The percentage of online shoppers who start their product searches on Amazon versus 26% who start on another search engine like Google or Bing
(Raymond James Research 2017)
Typical Industries That Use Amazon Advertising

  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Food, Health & Supplements
  • Home & Garden
  • DIY & Building Supplies
  • Toys & Games

Special Offer

For businesses with existing seller accounts we are offering a limited time special offer of 3 months free Amazon Advertising management when you sign up for Google Ads management services for 6 months! To claim this offer simply call and speak to one of our PPC experts who will be happy to speak to you about how we can help.

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