Amazon Marketing

Amazon is a global ecommerce marketplace that provides a platform for you to sell your products to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. It’s growing rapidly and showing no signs of slowing, with more and more money being spent by consumers through Amazon YoY. It should be an invaluable, if not essential, part of the digital strategy for any eCommerce business.


Marketing on Amazon is made up of two main efforts. Firstly the optimisation of your listings to make them easier for shoppers to find and more attractive to buy. Secondly, the use of Amazon Advertising to drive traffic to your product detail pages and build awareness of your brand.


Amazon Advertising is the PPC advertising platform available to all Sellers and Vendors on Amazon. There are several different ad formats, each with differing targeting options and intended purposes. These allow you to advertise your catalogue based on keywords, categories, audiences and interests in order to drive traffic to, and awareness of your products.

With the right strategy Amazon Advertising can grow your sales, win market share and help launch products successfully. It’s also crucial for ensuring your products are discoverable, as sponsored ads appear in some of the most prominent positions on Amazon.

Working With Us

For brands selling on Amazon we provide…

  • Amazon Advertising Account Set-Up
  • We analyse your catalogue and create an account structure that aligns with your goals and allows for scalable management in the long term.

  • Management of Amazon Advertising
  • We constantly analyse and optimise your campaign performance using a combination of proprietary and 3P tools in order to drive profitable growth.

  • Content Optimisation
  • We research the market for your products and optimise your listings to be relevant to both the A9 algorithm and your customers to help you climb the organic rankings.

  • Brand Store Creation & Management
  • Brand Stores are a key feature that functions as your own site within Amazon. They enable you to convey your brand image and showcase your product range to potential customers. We can create the store for your brand and set you apart from the competition.

  • Detailed Reporting & Insight
  • Our data insights keep you informed of how your brand is performing whether you sell in one region or many.

52% The percentage of online shoppers who start their product searches on Amazon versus 26% who start on another search engine like Google or Bing
(Raymond James Research 2017)
  • 10,000 Amazon Advertising Campaigns
  • In 6 Different Countries
  • 55% Average YoY Growth in Revenue in the First 3 Months
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