Magento 2 Commerce Cloud

Get limitless power with the Magento Commerce Cloud

E-commerce without the baggage – that’s what you get with the innovative Magento Commerce Cloud. The platform-as-a-service format provides a fully hosted set up, meaning no server requirements, no boundaries and instant access when running your e-commerce site. Using Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure, Magento can provide global adaptability for e-commerce in multiple countries. Quite simply, it’s e-commerce taken to the next level.

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E-commerce meets cloud capability

Setting up e-commerce requires hosting – whether external or internal. It’s even more complicated in multiple countries, requiring multiple servers at extra cost. Magento’s Commerce Cloud eliminates that completely:

Dynamic Deployment

Platform-as-a-Service format means you get access to Magento without hosting it yourself. The cost and hassle of setting up servers or partnered hosting is eliminated.

Enhanced Performance Management

Partnered services from New Relic provides fast and efficient system monitoring without the need for additional software.

Powerful Cloud Infrastructure

Get impressive global availability and increased redundancy with Amazon Web Services’ infrastructure.

Running Smoothly

An aligned Content Delivery Network powered by Fastly end-to-end high performance. Performance and security issues are diagnosed and addressed instantly delivering quality content to end-users.

How will the cloud help my ecommerce business?

Magento’s Commerce Cloud is a tailored combination of innovative technologies – all optimised for Magento. They work together to make complex business simple, allowing you to focus on optimising your site for your brand and customers:

Limitless Growth

Combining the global power of Amazon with the ecommerce muscle of Magento gives you full scalability. Your business is free to grow without boundaries.

Constant Security

Countless back-up components makes the Cloud Commerce set-up completely fault tolerant in both security and performance. Your ecommerce platform will never hold you back.

Reliable and Resilient

Whatever your industry, Magento’s Commerce Cloud can handle high demand for short bursts or long periods. You’ll never lose a sale again.

Rapid Development

Magento’s innovative set of deployment and management tools allow for fast, user-friendly customisation and development. Combined with the cloud, this allows for speedy deployment across multiple countries

Full Flexibility

Compatible with all Magento Marketplace extensions, Magento Commerce Cloud lets you customise your site with no limitations. So, you are free to create the ultimate ecommerce experience for your customers, resulting in higher conversion rates, more sales and more profits.

Slow set up and scalability boundaries could be holding back your ecommerce business. Want rapid deployment and limitless growth instead? Maybe it’s time to welcome the next generation of ecommerce.
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