Magento 2 Open Source

Magento Open Source: Powerful E-commerce for Budding Businesses

E-commerce isn’t just for the big players. With Magento Open Source, up-and-coming retailers can launch a powerful online store, and take advantage of the platform’s incredible features too. This is the perfect stepping stone for any business making an entrance into the wonderful world of e-commerce. And with Fluid Digital’s award-winning team of Magento certified experts in your corner, you have the experience and know-how needed to make the most of this flexible, open source platform.

  • Magento certified
  • Magento associate developer
  • Magento frontend developer
  • Magento solution specialist
  • Magento professional developer
  • Magento javascript developer

Get the tools you need for e-commerce success

With Fluid Digital by your side, you can open the door to e-commerce using Magento Open Source. Like all Magento products, it’s user-friendly and optimised for both brands and customers alike. And with so many free features to take advantage of, we can reduce the overall costs and pass the savings on to you. The result? A feature-rich e-commerce system, but without the associated costs.You’ll benefit from a wide range of features, such as:

Custom Built

Manage your site with ease, using extensions for analytics, optimisation, payments, shipping and much, much more.

Continued Development

With regular new additions to the Magento Marketplace, your store can be continually improved.

Magento Community

Get support from the ever-growing Magento community – including developers, forums and specialist support sites.

Flexible Growth

Upgrading to advanced features couldn’t be easier, allowing your business to gradually work towards full Magento Commerce if needed.

Delivering results from the word go

Just because you’re starting small, doesn’t mean you have to accept small results. Working with Magento Open Source, Fluid Digital can create attractive, high performing e-commerce sites that attract traffic and deliver the optimal e-commerce experience. You and your customers benefit from end-to-end fluidity with measurable results for your business:

  • Generate Traffic - Customers love a site that works well. With Magento, you’ll see better website engagement, resulting in improved organic rankings on search engines and more sales.
  • Never Miss an Opportunity - Magento sites adapt to any platform. You get a site that’s mobile friendly from the start, meaning you never lose out on business.
  • Impressive Conversion - With rapid, accurate analytics, you can ensure your site is converting visitors into customers and keeping them coming back. More sales, more profits, more growth.
  • Keep Growing - Because Magento offers both Open Source and Enterprise Commerce editions, migration is easier should your business require extra features and facilities.
Want to dip your toe into the pool of e-commerce? Fluid Digital can guide you through Magento Open Source and beyond, giving your business an invaluable head start.
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