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The next level for ambitious e-commerce businesses

With Fluid Digital’s award-winning team of accredited Magento 2 web designers and developers, the sky really is the limit. If your goal is to build a successful e-commerce business, start with our certified Magento 2 experts. We’ll leverage the platform’s strengths to get the best possible results for your business.

  • Magento certified
  • Magento associate developer
  • Magento frontend developer
  • Magento solution specialist
  • Magento professional developer
  • Magento javascript developer

The future of e-commerce is here

We utilise Magento 2’s elite-level capabilities to create unrivalled e-commerce stores. You can expect a personalised shopping experience, superior conversion rates and an intuitive hassle-free system – everything you need (and more!) to launch industry-leading, multi-channel retail systems.

Drive sales

Integrated video and responsive design themes mean a more immersive, personalised shopping experience. Every customer will feel like a king.

Boost conversion rates

An all-new checkout system improves conversion rates by reducing the steps necessary to make a purchase.

Improve user experience

Make every second count. 50% faster load times across many catalogue and checkout pages means happier customers and more sales.

Save time

Create awesome marketing campaigns, merchandise products and optimise web content – all using Magento 2.

Track sales from anywhere

Does your business keep you out of the office for most of the day? No problem. Simply log in and track sales on-the-go.

Hassle-free management

You don’t need to spend hours adding and editing your inventory. Magento 2 boasts intuitive capabilities that are 4 times faster than before. You can have new products online in no time.

50% Quicker Load times on
catalogue & checkout
  • Improve User Experience
  • Boost Conversion rates
  • Drive Sales
  • Secure Payments
  • Open, flexible architecture - A modular base enables easier customisation and faster time to market with a range of turnkey extensions for fast and affordable enhancements.
  • Enhanced capabilities - With many capabilities now 4 times faster than before, setting up products and managing day-to-day tasks is a breeze.
  • Enterprise-grade scalability and performance - Magento 2 offers powerful enterprise-scale scalability, performance and a streamlined admin panel.
  • Secure payments and simplified checkout - Magento 2 comes with integrations for PayPal,, and Braintree payment gateways.
  • Easier maintenance - Magento hugely simplifies site maintenance and upgrades, leaving you free to focus on running your business.
  • Simplified PCI compliance - PCI compliance is easier than ever with Magento 2, so you have one less thing to worry about.
"Has your online store reached its full potential? Or is there still room for improvement? Request a free site review to find out how Magento 2 can take your business to new heights". Matt Edwards Technical Director
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