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The rise of Instagram and Facebook as sources of traffic has led to many businesses wanting to reap the rewards, however the particularities of these platforms can leave many struggling to use it efficiently. We plan & deploy intelligent social media strategies that suit your vertical, your ideal customer base and advise on alternative promotional strategies that suit social media platforms.

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How does Fluid Digital use social media to drive sales?

Advanced customer profiling

We utilise a variety of analysis tools and platforms to isolate and categorise your key consumer bases and their purchasing habits online. We then build upon your core customer bases to reach out to other similar audience sets and prospect to new customers.

Dynamic remarketing

We build specific product feeds intended for Facebook/Instagram remarketing in order to maximise sales volume. We then segment accordingly once trends and patterns emerge.

Promotional campaign advice

What works for the likes of Google and Bing does not necessarily translate directly over to Facebook and Instagram. We assess existing social media traffic performance to look for key micro-conversion events which spark follow-up sales in order to fully profit from this source of traffic. We will also analyse competitor social media offerings to determine market reception and competitivity.

Avoid "compers"

A common temptation is to run competitions in order to raise brand awareness and engagement quickly, however the quality of the traffic generated is often very sub-par. This is due to the engagement being more centred on a free/discounted product for the sake of it being cheap rather than being of genuine interest. We refer to this audience as "compers" and should be actively discouraged from paid sources of social media traffic.

B2B considerations

B2B stores often find social media a challenge, largely due to the key customer having a particular responsibility (e.g. director, purchasing manager) rather than demographic profile. We employ remarketing strategies for B2B clients who wish to raise visibility of their products on social media, as well as find audiences to target who engage with similar brands.

3 Month Case Study Chlobo
  • Mailing list subscribers increased by ​116.72%
  • Conversion rate of ​16.69%
  • Revenue contribution increased to 17.35%
  • Traffic increased by ​11.87%
As a Fluid Digital client you will get:

  • Flexible reporting & communication
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Bespoke automation & script implementation
  • Ecommerce expertise
  • Ecommerce insights ahead of the curve
"Fluid's paid social expertise has been vital to supplementing our email activity which has in turn led to a huge increase in monthly revenue." E. Langhorn Marketing Manager, Chlobo
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