Shopping Feed Management

Much like needy pets and some humans, your products like attention too!

Our Shopping feed management service is conceived to help you to achieve the best quality data feed possible in order to ensure your products get the best visibility on the Google Shopping network. As part of our ongoing management, your dedicated account manager will actively monitor your Google Merchant Center account every day to ensure minimal downtime in your product submissions.

Our team has close links to Google (by that we mean they like us enough to give us a badge – who doesn’t like badges!?) to ensure that any issues are flagged & prioritised to minimise delays, and any data issues that cannot be fixed by us will be communicated as frequently as necessary to your nominated point of contact.

Can you build Shopping feeds?

Our PPC experts are also expert Shopping feed builders (though none of us are called Bob…yet). If you operate on the Magento e-commerce platform and we determine that a third-party module would be suitable then fear not! Your account manager can build you a lovely shiny new feed which will satisfy all of Google’s requirements.

If, for whatever reason, you require a file hosted on the site then we also have a bunch of super savvy web developers who can magic up a feed for you faster than you can name all 50 states of the USA (without cheating).

Any tips for a good Shopping feed?

We’re feeling generous so here’s a few pointers:

  • Make sure you have EAN numbers for all products that need one stored in the backend
  • Make sure your images meet recommended dimensions & standards (e.g. no watermarks)
  • If you’re selling B2B, make sure you have prices including VAT stored somewhere in the backend (Google only permits prices including VAT)

So, any T’s and C’s?

Only a few! We’re transparent like that:

  • We can build feeds for Magento sites only, but can advise on feeds for all e-commerce platforms
  • We can build feeds for Google, Bing and Facebook
  • The quality of the product data will directly affect the quality of the feed – make sure you have this nailed to see optimal performance
  • We will always test & resubmit until we have the feed fit for use (at no extra cost)

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